The 777 Challenge (aka snippets from my novel)

I was tagged by the lovely Savannah over at The Book Prophet for this tag, so thank you Savannah!

This tag basically works like this: you pick seven lines from your seventh page of your work in progress. However, I’m going to do it a little differently. I will pick the seventh line of each of my first seven chapters.

7th line of the first chapter: And she had tried a lot. 

7th line of the second chapter: In dreams, he knew that it would end, in reality, there was no end to his agony.

7th line of the third chapter: A figure in the back, behind the table filled with metal parts. 

7th line of the fourth chapter: “Quietly.”

7th line of the fifth chapter: The sun shone softly through the misty sky, but apparently it was bright enough to bring out the umbrellas.

7th line of the sixth chapter: She loved pretending that the pretentious house was her own.

7th line of the seventh chapter: Meaning: she now had to go ask [not yet named character] for another job. 


I love how incredibly random these lines are haha, they make completely no sense out of context, some aren’t even grammatically correct.

What’s the seventh line of your fourth (or third or seventh or whatever-th) chapter? I’d love to read it! Also if you want to do this tag, give it a go! I’d love to read all of your lines (you can also do it the “official” way of course).




17 thoughts on “The 777 Challenge (aka snippets from my novel)

    1. Thanks! It’s a fantasy book, I feel like I’ve talked about it so many times that I forget not everybody knows everything about it haha
      It’s about four outcasts with magic who get caught up in an underground rebellion (of sorts) that kidnaps people with magical abilities and that is where their stories collide.

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  1. The snippets are fantastic! I loved this line ‘In dreams, he knew that it would end, in reality, there was no end to his agony.’ and ‘Quietly’ was also a fun one! I definitely want to read your book, your writing, even from a few lines, sounds so mysterious and well-written. Like every word is chosen for a purpose! Such a fun tag

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ I really like those lines as well! I don’t know why but I feel most people draft quick and messy and I am really itchy about having a well-written first draft! I need everything to be sort of good from the start, therefore it takes more time but oh well. Thanks again!


    1. Haha I wanted to do it the original way but page 7 was so boring I couldn’t find seven lines I liked so I twisted the tag a bit 😂

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