Discussion: The Perfect Reading Spot (or: where I spent most of my time reading)

We all have that one spot where we love to read, or at least I do. I recently came across Arhaus and I wanted to discuss what makes a spot the perfect reading spot, list my favourite spots and design my own perfect spot! They have a variety of living room furniture that help could help inspire any of these ideas.


What makes something the perfect reading spot

For the perfect reading spot you need a few things:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor reading spotObviously: access to books, so you need to be surrounded by bookshelves! The only disadvantage is that if you can see all the books around you, you’re going to stare at them instead of reading them. At least, that’s what I notice with myself haha





AAfbeeldingsresultaat voor reading spot comfortable seat, something you can snuggle in, but not too comfy, because then there’s the “falling asleep” problem! For a comfortable seat you need pillows! Lots of them! And you need a backrest because I don’t know about you but when I read, I don’t want to sit up straight all the time!




Afbeeldingsresultaat voor reading spotLighting! Especially natural lighting, but that is a problem if you like reading at night, so good lamps are essential!

Silence, because I cannot read if people are talking! People disturbing me while reading by talking is so annoying, I can’t possibly focus! I do read with music though, so that’s not an issue, but it needs to be away from people!




Where I read

When I read, which I do a lot, I read mostly on my bed. My bed is just really comfy, but the lighting is really bad. So I have a couple of other spots I love to sit and read!

At home, I mainly read in my bed, even during the day, but when I don’t read there, I sit in my beanbag couch. I don’t use it often, but it has cushions on it and it’s right next to my bookshelf so it’s perfect for reading! It’s also right below my roof window, so the light is perfect!

When I’m not at home, I read whenever I can. I don’t have my driver’s licence yet (hopefully by the time this post goes up I do), so my parents always drive. Which means that I can sit in the back seat of the car and read! Luckily I never get sick in the car anymore so I can read all I want!

Another favourite spot of mine is on the train. For my study, I have to travel by train a lot so on weekdays I travel about 2 hours each day. Doing homework on the train is quite hard so usually I read a lot!

For listening to audiobooks, my favourite place to do that is while cycling (which is not a place but you got the gist). Cycling is an activity I do a lot anyway (to university/to the train station/back home/etc) so it’s perfect to get some reading done!


What my perfect reading spot would look like

For me, my dream reading spot would be a window seat (I think many of you can agree). It needs to be big and spacious, like: the size of a bed but with a rounded side. There needs to be cushions around the entire back of the seat and a lot of pillows! It needs to be soft and comfy, but of course I need some space for drinks (I wouldn’t want to spill on my books!).

Beside the seat there needs to be bookshelves! And a lot of them because I always run out of shelf space. Seriously, I just got a new bookshelf and it’s already full! So plenty of bookshelves it is!


Where do you always read? What’s your favourite reading spot and what would your dream reading spot look like?

27 thoughts on “Discussion: The Perfect Reading Spot (or: where I spent most of my time reading)

  1. I agree with all of these. My bed is where I read most but there’s also not the best lighting… and I have a window seat but not a proper cushion. I tried reading there before with a blanket on it but my butt started hurting really fast lol!

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  2. Oh…. I so relate to this! I do most of my reading on my bed too which is placed next to a french window with plenty of light. And on the train / bus / car. I NEVER drive even if I can as it robs me of reading time :). But the perfect spot for me is picture number 2 + a side table. I dream of this spot. No, seriously! I see it in my dreams :D.
    Hope you get to fix the vanishing book shelves problem. Seems to be a haunting one for us all.

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    1. That sounds lovely! Haha I have never dreamt of a perfect reading spot but I might now 😛
      The vanishing book shelves seems to be a problem for all bookworms haha

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  3. Great post! If the weather is nice (which is rare for where I live), I’ll grab a bunch of pillows, hang up my hammock and read out in the shade. Rustling leaves are the perfect background noise for reading!

    When the weather’s not great, which is most of the time, I’ll read on my bed surrounded by my bookshelves!

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  4. Ooooh loved this post! I also read in my bed because my bookshelves are in my bedroom. I have a desk chair so I will on occasion read at my desk but it isn’t as comfy as being snuggled up in bed – tho falling asleep is definitely an issue, as you mentioned. I also have to agree that the perfect reading spot is a window seat. I’ve aaaaalways wanted one of those!

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  5. I loved everything about this post, Lia! I swear, you talked about every single thing a reading spot needs to be perfect! I tend to read in bed, which is such a bad habit, but it is the comfiest place in my house.

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  6. I just read on my bed to be honest. There’s window light and it’s super comfy! Those pictures look like the perfect reading spot. I definitely want to get some bean bags and a perfect spot for reading. Maybe when i ‘grow up’ and am living in my own hobbit hole XD

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  7. I read in my bed right before I fall asleep so that I can just set my book to the side and not move, but otherwise I have a chair that has a lamp behind it that’s comfortable. I’ve had it for years, it’s just an old chair that’s been in my family since before I was born. (unfortunately I have found a way to nap in this chair…)

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  8. Oh, I’ve been reading more and more on my bed at night, since I don’t have time to read during the day! I used to read on the way to and from school (20 min each ride), but then I got a new phone with unlimited data soooo that’s where that time went. 😛 I REALLY want a little nook to read, though, with bookshelves and comfy pillows and lots of nice things! *heart eyes*

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    1. Yeah for me too! I usually read in the morning when I wake up and at night before going to sleep so I end up reading a lot on my bed. Haha unlimited data is much too tempting not to use it!

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  9. WOW THOSE PICS I need those little reading nooks in my life?? Like, why is this not a thing that I have?
    I hate reading in bed. It is the death of me (almost quite literally). I’m always dropping flipping books on my face and it’s just NOT GOOD. I audiobook during my ridiculous commute because I drive!! I mean, sometimes I’ve gotten stuck in the awful disgusting rush hour traffic and it takes me 2.5 hours to get home from what’s supposed to be a 45 minute drive – _ –
    I need a bean bag couch right now, thanks.

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    1. Haha I luckily don’t drop books on my head?? I always read with the book leaning against the pillow so I’m not getting harmed in the process 😛 Audiobooks are great for during commutes! I don’t drive yet so I’m lucky to be able to read physical books.


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