Review: Good Angel | A Cute story about Morally Grey Angels and Demons mixed with Diversity and Questions about Sexuality

Good Angel is a self-published book about angels and demons but it’s really different from any angel and demons book I’ve ever read.


Good Angel by A.M. Blaushild35708483

Iofiel is an ideal candidate to become a guardian angel, and help steer humans away from sin: she’s helpful, cheery, and utterly loyal. And, as the ‘angel of beauty’, it’s not like she has anything better to do.

Heaven and Hell long ago ran out of space: there’s too many humans these days, so both have come to a shaky truce – one school sheltered in the forests of Canada, hidden from humanity, where their young can study.

All seems well for Iofiel’s first days at university – her Archangel roommate is a bit uptight, and dealing with demons feels weird– but when a picked on demon confesses he’s too nervous to pursue his true passion of soul stealing… Iofiel promises she’ll major in it with him!

So much for being a proper angel. Her helpful impulse has repercussions that shake the school, and may just change the world forever. Or just end it.

Because that’s a possibility too.


I went into this book knowing close to nothing about it. I knew it was about angels and demons and that it had aro-ace representation. As someone who identifies as aro-ace, I was very excited to read an ownvoices book with that representation. I was so ready to finally read about that aro-ace character that I’ve been basically dreaming of, one that I could actually relate to. Sadly, that didn’t happen. More about that later.

Iofiel is a (new) angel and she’s a very naive, innocent character, I think those words describe her really well. She wants to help everyone and she apparently didn’t really need much of a reason to do so even if it made life for herself difficult. She becomes friends with demons who go to the same school as she does and basically does everything an angel shouldn’t do. Still, you cheer for her all the way to the end, because her innocence and sweet-heartedness make you fall a little in love with her.

“You don’t worship evil, you just pull it around on a leash a bit until it’s learned to do your bidding.”
“Remember when you were going to be a Guardian Angel, and really liked pancakes? Those were the good days. The golden days of, like, three weeks ago.”

I have this theory that every book has a strong point, or multiple ones. The more strong points it has, the better it is. These strong points can be the writing, the pacing, the tension, the characters, the dialogue, etc. I didn’t feel like this book had any outstanding points, it was good, but nothing was that good that it really stuck to me. The characters were really likeable, the dialogue was quite fun, the writing was okay, the story overall was interesting. But it wasn’t grabbing. It wasn’t as good as I would have loved it to be.

“When have I ever made someone see how beautiful something was, though? I don’t know if appreciating things really makes them… worthwhile. It’s about getting people to agree.”

So back to my original point. In the book, Iofiel is at first described as aromantic asexual, but to me, she doesn’t really seem to be either. Or maybe better said, she is really still questioning everything about her attraction. Though there is nothing wrong with that, I would have loved to see a bit more exploration on the topic of aromanticism and asexuality. I think now this book gives a bit of a wrong image of what aromanticism and asexuality are. I can’t really explain everything without spoiling anything so this’ll have to do.

Overall, I am giving this book 3.5 stars because it is fun, but not outstanding on any topic. Everything is really fun and interesting but it’s not really impressing me on any front. I did love that there was a lot of diversity in sexualities (bi, gay, agender, ace, and more) and skin-tones (since angels and demons don’t all look human they have skin-tones in all the colors of the rainbow). I loved that it explored topics of morality and how it crossed paths from good to evil and where to stand. I would really recommend this book if you like books about angels and morally gray characters. Overall this was a very cute book and a fun read!

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