Blogging Newbie: Beth (@ myownbrandofwisdom) | Why I Write

Beth from My Own Brand Of Wisdom is here today to talk about why she loves writing! With NaNoWriMo coming up, it’s a lot on my mind as well, so I hope you enjoy it!


Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?:

I’m Beth, I’m 19 and a Journalism student who can often be found with her nose in a book.

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?:

Initially, I started a blog to write book reviews and but run in tangent with my instagram (@bethsabibliophile). However, a desire to be more creative in my writing has led me to also compose posts that are more diverse. I’ve begun to do more ‘rambling’ and ‘ranting’ type posts which I think a larger audience might find more interesting.

Why did you start blogging?:

I started blogging due to a love of writing. The concept of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and spreading a message is amazing.


Why write?

We all have our own reasons for writing, be it a way of expressing ourselves or simply a love of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys).

Admittedly, most of our ‘masterpieces’ and brilliant ideas flop. They say everyone has an unwritten book in them and most of them stay that way, completely unwritten or abandoned part way through. So there are notebooks and Word documents scattered around the world, with stories with no conclusions, perhaps poorly rounded characters or chapters neglected mid-paragraph. What motivates us to start something, but never finish it?

I think most people that write, love the idea of their work getting out there. Perhaps some are motivated by money or fame, but most are motivated purely by the idea of having something we’ve completed ourselves; a world that we have created and successfully composed.

I think there are many people out there who have a brilliant novel in them, who possess great writing ability but will never even reach the first chapter. Then there some (me) who aren’t necessarily blessed with an innate ability to tell a captivating story yet are still full of a desire to get it written.

For years, I couldn’t remember the difference between an adjective and an adverb, didn’t know how and when to use a semi-colon, didn’t know the meaning of words like hyperbole (let alone how to pronounce it). I still spend half the time I’m writing trawling through a thesaurus to make my sentences flow or googling words to see if they actually mean what I think they mean.

But does that make me less likely to finish writing a novel? No, of course not. When you get a burning desire to complete a task, no matter how hard you think/know it will be, it gets done. If you want something enough, you do it.


I hope you loved Beth’s post! If you’d like to follow her social media, the links are here: blog, goodreads, instagram, twitter, tumblr!

Why do you write?

7 thoughts on “Blogging Newbie: Beth (@ myownbrandofwisdom) | Why I Write

  1. Oh I loved this post! I’m new to writing and my first few attempts are most likely going to look like Beth’s—me looking up words on thesaurus and googling expressions and grammar rules and stuff 😂 But I’m still determined to write this novel! Anyway, I’m going to check out her blog now!

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  2. Great post!! I completely agree with Beth. You don’t have to know all the conventions, grammar and such in order to be a writer. I certainly don’t (hell, I look up words all the time – even words I’m not sure are actually words but sound like a word that would fit in the sentence if that makes any sense). I write to share my inner thoughts with others (though I’m absolutely terrified of anybody reading my work – ironic, right?)

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  3. i find that i start works when i am in a particularly bad life moment; but when things go back up i don’t have the urge to write or can’t keep the same melancholy tone my writing already has so i just stop. i guess it’s a coping mechanism for me and i’m ok with that. i have a love hate relationship with the idea of letting others read these dark and twisty things.

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