6 Things that Scare Me off From Picking Up a Book

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about things that made me want to read a book and today I wanted to write about things that do not make me want to read a book.  And I will not go into covers and titles, even though those play a very important role. I mainly read YA books so that’s where I will be focusing on. I will include examples of books I have read and loved despite the fact that they contain these… tropes?

This is all based on my personal opinion and books that include these topics are not by definition bad books. Not at all, they’re just not my type of books.


#1 Witches

When I was young, I actually really liked stories with witches. I remember reading this series about a modern witch, I don’t remember what it was called, and I loved it! Now, however, it just doesn’t interest me anymore. While I still love books with magic (in fact I love those more now), books with old-fashioned witches are not my thing.

I can’t think of anything I’ve read recently.


#2 Vampires, werewolves and anything like that

I actually skipped the entire Twilight hype, but I did read the Vampire Academy books, but I wouldn’t pick anything like it now. I feel like vampires and werewolves are overdone often and there are only the same tropes repeating itself. I think it’s also very romance heavy, I think, which is not at all my thing.

However, the Wolves of Mercy Falls series will always and forever be the first YA series I fell in love with and I will love it until forever.



#3 Mythical creatures and gods

Especially faeries and fae (I don’t know if that counts as mythical creatures but I’m counting it). I just. I don’t know, I just can’t deal with faeries. It’s so not my thing.

Myths and gods have never really attracted my interest. I don’t know why, I never really got into that genre. I have never been interested in the Percy Jackson series either.

I did read Wonder Woman: Warbringer recently, which had quite a lot of mythical background and gods in it, and I did love it (despite that)!



#4 Regeneration romance

It is just me or is regeneration romance the most cringy, overused, trope-y genre there is? I feel like any regeneration romance story can be described in the same few sentences: either the boy is immortal and chases the same girl around time and tries to save her from dying but fails every time. Or the same two people fall in love every regeneration and tragically die every time and have to find each other again and again. Something like that.

Sorry but I don’t read any regeneration romance anymore.


#5 Synopsis that start with “It was [some year pre-21st century]”

Historical fiction has never been my thing, and whenever a synopsis and the first tree words are “it is” and then a number below 2000, the chances go down by 99% that I’ll end up reading it. ANY time I go to a bookstore, the same thing happens. I see a cover and think it looks so interesting, I turn the book around, see those three words and put it back down. EVERY TIME.

I did however read a couple of amazing historical books, and I should probably try getting in the genre more but by now it has become so ingrained in my mentality to put down historic books, that I’ll have to be super hyped about something before I actually pick it up.



#6 When it’s written by an author I dislike

*cough cough* SJM *cough cough* I promise, she’s not that bad, but I just can’t like her at all, just get all her books away from me I don’t want to see them. Anyway… I do have a couple of authors I can’t stand and I just don’t feel like reading their books. Ever. Makes sense right?


I do realize that saying having this mindset of not reading books containing any of these elements will make me miss out on some amazing books. But it’s very easy to find other books that do interest me highly and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of those.

Do you have any quirks that stop you from picking up a book? Any we have in common maybe? What would be on your list?

47 thoughts on “6 Things that Scare Me off From Picking Up a Book

  1. I’m the complete opposite when it comes to historical fiction haha but i completely agree with the rest. I just can’t handle witches after the beautiful creatures series

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    1. Haha that’s okay, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with historical fiction, I just don’t like it?? Wait, beautiful creatures has witches? I don’t even remember if I ever read it, I think I saw the movie. There was a movie, right? I can’t remember any witches tho.

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    1. Thanks! I was book shopping with a friend and she was so excited about this regeneration romance book and I was so awkward about it, I just nodded along and pretended I liked it too. It’s just sooo dull!

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      1. You’re welcome!
        Haha! That sounds like something I would do 😛
        Like I remember reading that series Fallen by Lauren Kate I believe and every book was another past life these characters lived & I have no idea how I made it through the 4 or 5 books that there were!

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      2. I never read that series because I remember my friend once ranting about it for like half an hour about how cheesy it was haha
        I’ll never read Lauren Kate books probably, I read one (Teardrop) and it was soooo bad.

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      3. Haha, yeah I would advice against that series. It’s not worth the time! I have to agree Teardrop was not my favourite either… don’t even ask me why I went back and read more of her books after Fallen… I have no answers! 😛

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  2. i’m totally with you on every single one of these :/. another one i really hate is a lot like the second to last one but it’s when the synopsis begins with “it was [sometime in the future]” ugh i hate it so much

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  3. first of all, those shiver and wolf by wolf covers are beautiful! the cover alone would be enough to break any of my “reading rules”. second of all, i love this post! isn’t it funny how we all have these little quirks that make us love totally different books?! and it’s totally ok because there are a million different authors and a million different books so there’s always more to choose from and there’s always something that will suit you and your specific quirks! books are amazing!

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    1. I used to like it but it is an era that is over and done for me haha
      I do read more WWII books than generic historic books though which is curious… I can’t even think of any non-WWII historic books atm

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  4. I absolutely agree with your on witches, vampires & werewolves! I feel like if it were like at least 10 years ago, I would probably really love those type of stories as I read quite a few of them. But now? Yeah, no thank you. I feel like the only story with a vampire I will read is The Mortal Instruments and that’s it.

    Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of Maggie Stiefvater back when her Shiver series came out so I never actually read those books and the fact that there are werewolves in it is a major turn off for me. I guess I’ll never read that one and keep a hole in my reading of Maggie Stiefvater books!

    Hmm, something that would turn me off of a book? Probably anything that is really, really heavily focused on romance or just romance books in general. I’ve read and enjoyed one series in the past but it’s just not something I find myself gravitating towards these days!

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    1. Yes exactly! witches, vampires and werewolves was really a hype in like 2010 but that time has passed!
      I can definitely understand why! I don’t think would have loved the Shiver series if I read it for the first time now, but I just have so many memories of loving the series!
      A heavy romance focus is not for me either!

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  5. I’m with you on the regeneration romance and obviously by an author I dislike. What I don’t like in books either are too dark and twisted books (I love some dark and twist but I know my limits) or non fiction books except if I have to learn and study. Doormat heroine also are the bane of my existence (I just want to kick their behind) and love triangles! I do read some love triangle but it’s exceptional. I can’t stand cheating either.

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    1. I do love dark and twisted but only in fantasy it seems. I don’t really like realistic dark and twisted books. Love triangles and cheating is the worst!


  6. One huge book turn-off for me is when there are SO MANY crazy long, hard to pronounce names (either people or places) that I find myself just skimming over them in my head. That’s why I typically don’t reach for fantasy, and I know I’m probably missing some amazing books because of this. 😬

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  7. I disagree with your exclusion of historical fiction – it is one of my favorite genres though!! I am in agreement with most of the others… the exception to the witches rule is Terry Pratchett – I love Granny Weatherwax and friends!

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  8. I love witches and vampires but I am put off buy the paranormal romance which has been so overdone and badly at times. I know that not giving them a chance means I may miss out but some are so bad. It’s put me off all YA when all I hear about is another Twilight or Hunger Games 😟 if it’s not YA I may give it a chance as long as it’s not romance

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    1. Paranormal romance is really not for me either! There are so many amazing YA books though that are not The Hunger Games or Twilight (or alike)! I think after those two a huge wave of similar YA books were written but now the YA genre is really all over the place, you can find anything in YA whatever your interests are!


  9. I actually love books with myths and gods and also think fey could be really interesting just have never really found good ones. But I’m the same with vampires and werewolves. I think lots of people are the same with that one!

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  10. We are vvv much in common for a lot of these! I dislike reading about witches for some reason?? Except Harry Potter but I definitely wouldn’t pick up a witch/wizard book now.

    I ALSO DISLIKE THE VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF TROPE OMG. It’s sooooo overdone and seems really annoying and stereotypical to me???/

    ALSO REGENERAION ROMANCE no. They just seem way too angsty and frustrating and they’re usually “I’ve loved you forever” vs. “IDK you go away”.

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  11. I’m the same way when it comes to witch stories, I’ve never been a fan. If I come across one written by a favourite author, I’ll give it a shot. Otherwise, nope!

    I also have zero luck with werewolves. I did read the Wolves of Mercy Falls but did not overly enjoy it :/

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    1. Same for me probably! I think I only love The Wolves of Mercy Falls so much because when I read them I was in that “werewolves are cool” phase and it was the first series I fell in love with after discovering the YA genre.

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  12. OMG it makes me feel so old that you consider the 90’s historical fiction hahah >.< I don't really like vampire/werewolf things either. I read Twilight in high school…but that was over 10 years ago so now-a-days I am NOT into those type of stories. I honestly don't know why either. I just don't like them.

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    1. Hahaha, I wouldn’t consider the 90s historical but I had to draw a line somewhere and the 90s sounded like a good number lol
      Same here, that phase of vampires and werewolves was fun when I was like 15 but not anymore!


  13. When it comes to things that keep me from picking up a book I’m pretty much the opposite. But I do get you about the regeneration stuff, it’s just nothing I like. All the stories with reincarnation and destiny … nope 😀 I’ve also never been a fan of faeries, after some experiences with bad, cliche fairy books – I’m always very wary about picking up books that have a focus on them.

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  14. Oh my goodness I once read a regenaration romance and NEVER again. It was also so stupid because they hated each other and all of a sudden they were in love and remembered ‘OH YEAH WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE’ afbdfh no thank you

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