Review: Weave a Circle Round | Mind-boggling and strange but fun too?

Weave A Circle Round by Kari Maaren is a strange book with strange characters and a strange storyline. If I wrote 1-word reviews, this one would say “strange”. But besides being strange, it is also fun and different and exciting.


33517568Weave a Circle Round by Kari Maaren

Freddy wants desperately to not be noticed. She doesn’t want to be seen as different or unusual, but her step-brother Roland gets attention because he’s deaf, and her little sister Mel thinks she’s a private detective. All Freddy wants to do is navigate high school with as little trouble as possible.

Then someone moves into the house on Grosvenor Street. Two extremely odd someones.

Cuerva Lachance and Josiah aren’t . . . normal. When they move in next door, the house begins to exhibit some decidedly strange tendencies, like not obeying the laws of physics or reality. Just as Freddy thinks she’s had enough of Josiah following her around, she’s plunged into an adventure millennia in the making and discovers the truth about the new neighbors.


The story starts off with Freddy and her family. Her family is not very close and to be honest, I’ve only figured out how everyone was related about 80% into the book. But anyway, Freddy and her sister Mel have a stepbrother called Roland (I should probably have just read the synopsis because it’s all in there). One day new neighbors arrive and that’s where the story begins. A lot of weird things start happening and Freddy doesn’t know what to think. The new neighbors are a woman and a boy, and the boy, Josiah, keeps following her around.

“But school was… well, it was school. There were black holes that caused, on a daily basis, less terror.”

I can’t say that I liked Josiah or Cuerva Lachance (the other neighbor) very much or at all. I honestly don’t really know what to think of either of them. Not to be a broken record here but they were strange (and I don’t think anyone could disagree with me). Freddy gets caught up in adventures that are so crazy and imaginative that you’ll get thrown in so easily. Still, it was very confusing at times and about half the novel seems a little unnecessary. I honestly don’t see why it was there, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun. I really liked Freddy’s character development, she was a little annoying and childish at the beginning and in the end, she really shows progress.

“Listen,” said Josiah, “this isn’t possible. Do you understand? There is nothing about this situation that makes sense.”

I found this quote by Kari Maaren herself on goodreads and it says: “It’s sort of YA, and sort of not, and sort of an old-fashioned children’s book, and sort of not, and sort of just bouncing all over all the categories because it has consumed too much sugar and can’t make up its mind.” And I think this quote describes the book so well, and not only the genre/category it falls under, but also the way the book was written. It is bouncing all over the place and is absolutely crazy and mind-boggling. For me, it was maybe a little too mind-boggling. I felt confused so often! A little too often for my enjoyment. Throughout the book I was constantly hoping for an explanation but that came at the end. I was, however, hoping for a little more satisfactory explanation at the end.

“Her hands were trembling; she willed them to stop. If they’re going to force me to do this, I’ll do it my way. I won’t be herded anymore.”

I can’t tell you what the story is about because that would ruin your read a little I think, there is just a lot going on and things happen you don’t expect to happen. It’s just thrown me off so bad that I don’t know what to think or say. It was fun and crazy and exciting but also so so weird.


I am giving this book three stars because I think it’s just not for me. But if you don’t get confused very often or don’t mind being left in the dark, and like books that are a little crazy and all over the place, I think you could really enjoy this!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Weave a Circle Round | Mind-boggling and strange but fun too?

    1. Thanks! I just idk??? I have no clue what genre this belongs in, I thought it was magical realism until like 40% in and then I thought it was sci-fi and at the end it was just one big mess in my head.
      Weird fiction sounds about right XD


  1. Great review! I saw this book on Goodreads yesterday and I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it….this has just confirmed that! I feel like it would confuse my little mind😕 But I love the cover!!

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