NaNoWriMo update week 3 | I’m still alive. Kinda.

Week three of NaNoWriMo has arrived and it has gotten harder and harder to keep up with the 1.667 words per day. Not only is it harder to find the motivation, I also got a bit more school work to do. New classes at my university started and I’m already behind (oops), but I also have to attend more classes and work more on projects. So time is a bit of an issue. But somehow I’m still on schedule.


What’s my story?

If you have forgotten what my story is about, it’s called Making Mountains Bow and it’s Mulan retelling/inspired mixed in with elements from How To Train Your Dragon. The story is set in modern-day China and is about a transgender boy. There’s war, dragons, family, tragedy, joy and a lot of amazing characters that I love to pieces. Unfortunately, I had to kill one of the characters but let’s just forget I did that, okay? 


I’m currently at 31.469 words, and I’m planning to get to 32k tonight. This week has been pretty hard to write every day. On two days I barely wrote and I had to catch up later. I’ve tried new ways of getting motivated to write, including word crawls or whatever they’re called and doing my own sprints. I always do a lot of word sprints on the NaNoWordSprints twitter which are amazing, but today I tried doing using the NaNo timer again, and it worked pretty well. The word crawl really didn’t work for me. If you don’t know what it is, it’s this sort of game on the NaNoWriMo forum and there are tasks related to a fandom. I tried the Doctor Who crawl and I gave up after the second step because I didn’t see any point to it.



The sun had set and what was left was the memory of shadows and the wisp of day. It was kind of magical, he thought, and if he weren’t in a training camp getting ready for war, he would have taken a picture with his phone and sent it to Guiying. He knew she would paint it, and it would hang up in the store and it would be the prettiest thing he had ever seen. With soft brushes, the stars would slowly come alive on the horizon, in a sea of blue and black. His brain painted the picture and he was determined that when he returned home, if he returned home, he would tell her about how the sun went asleep, and how the night sky came alive.



“Maybe we’re both foolish then,”

“Yup,” he said staring ahead. “But at least we’re foolish together.”

He pulled her in a side-hug, their sides colliding, holding each other, finding comfort in each other’s warmth and just knowing the other is there, experiencing the same things.

“Why are you here?”

He could have seen the question coming, but he didn’t and it came sudden. What was he supposed to say? The right thing or the true thing? The right thing would be to say he was here to fight for his country, to save people and to fight for honor, but the true thing was nothing like that. 

“To reinvent myself,” he said, “to escape, to be myself, I guess.”



How is writing going for you? Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? What’s your favourite snippet that you wrote in your NaNo project? Any tips or tricks you’ve discovered?

15 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo update week 3 | I’m still alive. Kinda.

  1. Not doing NaNo (I think I’ve already commented before) but my favourite writing motivator is challenge days with a friend. Each Wednesday we try to beat each other’s word count and I feel really competitive lol

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  2. I have somewhat giving up on my NaNoWriMo project. Not that I don’t enjoy writing it, I really do, but because I am so far behind and I only get stressed out, thinking of ways to fix that. I will continue, just not only with this story 🙂
    I love your writing! It is beautiful and it flows nicely. What are you planning to do with it once you have finished writing and revising it?

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    1. That’s okay! I’m glad you found out that you want to write something else 🙂 Sometimes it’s important to realize what you DO want to do and give up on the things you don’t want to do.
      Thank you! I honestly have no idea, publishing seems like a tough business, and it seems pretty much impossible to get published. But I also don’t know if that’s what I want. I’ll see!

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      1. Yes, I mean, as long as you feel like writing there is nothing wrong. And I did much better that last year, so in my opinion it is a win XD
        Publishing does seem very intimidating, you can always self publish if you don’t like to go the traditional publishing route. And it is okay to not know what you want yet! I was just curious 😛

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      2. That’s right, but I’ll see, I’ll have to rewrite and edit the whole thing so it’s going to take a while before I’ll have a finished book. I’ll see what I feel like doing then haha


  3. My writing is going well, but it gets a bit harder to motivate myself now that I am deep into my project and the doubts start to settle in 😮 The NaNo word sprints on Twitter really work well for me, especially the 1K30min ones if I am having trouble getting myself to write something!

    I really love your snippets! 💕

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    1. Doubts are the worst! Everyone has them, I think, and they can be so annoying.. I love the twitter sprints, they’re life-saving! Without them I’d never be as far as I am right now. Thank you! ❤

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