Blogger Newbie: Maggie (@ BlissfullyCreating) | Creating Little Bookworms

I would like to start this post by apologizing for being the worst host possible because I had completely forgotten about this. Sorry, Maggie! Anyway, I’ve been hosting a project called Newbie Bloggers and in this post, I’ll introduce you to Maggie from BlissfullyCreating. So I’ll give the word to her!


Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hello! I am a mom of three awesome little bookworms, I love to read, to do projects, to create crazy adventures for my family (and for the neighbor’s kids too), to photograph everything, to be outdoors, and so many more things that I won’t bore you with.

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?: My blog has three main topics: Books, Kith & Kin, and Projects. I am currently working my way through the Rory Gilmore list (avid Gilmore Girls fan here) and I like for other bookworms to tag along. I also enjoy sharing about my friends and family and the crazy traditions and things we do together. And lastly, I enjoy taking my readers along with me down the crafty, project, do it yourself road. As far as the future of BlissfullyCreating, I’d love to continue to grow my followers and to keep writing things that people find useful, or at the very least entertaining.

Why did you start blogging?: I have always really enjoyed writing. And – most of the time – I enjoy sharing what I write with others. I am honest and keep it real when I have crazy times with my kids or when projects go wrong or when I just completely fail at reading for a year (I’m looking at you 2015). I also enjoy meeting new people and finding new blogs and seeing so many other bookworms out there is always amazing!


Creating Little Bookworms

I have three little bookworms in my house and it makes me so proud! I have read to them since day one and it seems to have stuck with each of them. Well, the littlest one still mostly just eats the books; but it’s a start!

My little bookworms think a trip to the library counts as a fun field trip. They are always asking me to read them books. And any time I grab a new book my Little Miss asks if it’s one I can read to her.

Sorry dear; but you’re a bit too young for The Shining. Maybe next year…

She gets so excited when I find one on my reading list that I can read with her. We’ve talked to animals with Doctor Dolittle and walked to the Emerald City with Dorothy in her SILVER slippers (I KNOW! i was shocked too) and lifted horses off the front porch with Pippi Longstocking. It makes me so proud to see her get excited about books!

She was worried before starting Kindergarten this year that she would be the only one of her friends that didn’t know how to read yet.

I assured her that they would all learn together. 🙂

She even checked out her own chapter book from the library this past week (Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, a childhood favorite of mine) and she made it quite clear that it was for her to read by herself. When questioned she just said “I use my imagination to read it.”

My Cuddle Bug also loves to cuddle up (shocker right?) and listen to a story or two. Or three. Or twenty.

We even spent a whole day reading every children’s book we own. I don’t remember the total; but it was well over a hundred. And we read them all together. In one day.

Creating little bookworms is important to me. If they learn to love books as children, they’ll love books as grownups, and having the ability to escape into a book means they won’t ever really have to grow up all the way.


I hope you loved this post as much as I did! I think it’s so cute! If I ever had kids I’d want them to be as big of a bookworm as Maggie’s kids are 😀

If you’d like to follow her blog, you can do so here.

There will be one final post in this series, which I’ll post soon (if I don’t forget about it :P), so keep your eyes out!

12 thoughts on “Blogger Newbie: Maggie (@ BlissfullyCreating) | Creating Little Bookworms

  1. The kids sound absolutely adorable! Not old enough for The Shining …maybe next year. 🙂 I wish my parents would have made more of an effort to read stories to me and show me what a wonderful things books can be.


    1. i don’t really remember my parents reading to me all that much; but i always had access to books! but there were five of us…so maybe they read when i was super young and then the more kids they had the more it just didn’t happen. lol

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    here’s my entry for newbie bloggers! it’s so cool that she takes the time to introduce her followers to newbie bloggers!

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  3. I love that you’re working your way through the Rory Gilmore book list! I started a long while back but haven’t looked at my list in a while … you’ve reminded me to check my progress! My daughter loves going to the library right now, but she’s 2 so she really just loves the colouring they have out. lol. My son is 4 and I look forward to taking him on library dates soon since he loves books!


    1. hahaha i pretty much only read books from the list. i am determined to finish it!

      my kids love the puzzles at the library mostly. lol but my five year old loves the books too!


  4. This was such an adorable read. 😄 Unfortunately, my parents never read to me. I’m definitely going to do that because I can’t imagine my kids not growing up to be bookworms. Lovely to meet you, Maggie, and thanks to Lia for showcasing newbie bloggers. 🙂

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