November Wrap-Up: The Month of Writing

Since NaNoWriMo took place in November and I was busy writing 50 thousand words (which I managed, yay), I haven’t had a lot of time to read. So I’ve been reading a little less than I normally do, but I don’t really mind. Not at all, actually. I think I’m going to try to not read as much as I normally do, is that a weird thing to say? I’ve been reading ~10 books per month for this entire year and it’s a bit crazy. I love reading but I’m constantly trying to push myself to read more, and that’s just not a good thing.

This month I’ve read 6 books, which is a really good amount!



This book was fun and I really liked one of the main characters and the story, but the other main character I hated and I also didn’t like how halfway through the story, you went back in time to the start and had to read through all of it again before you finally found out what happened after the cliffhanger.

This was mind-boggling and a bit fun too, but sooo weird. I just couldn’t make sense of what was going on at all. I think it’s just not for me. But if you don’t get confused very often or don’t mind being left in the dark, and like books that are a little crazy and all over the place, I think you could really enjoy this! (review)

  • Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff ★★★★★

Gemina, oh Gemina… I never thought that after Illuminae, Gemina would be able to make me feel all the same things all over again. Illuminae was amazing, Gemina did it again, Obsidio will be the end of me but I can’t wait to let it rip out my heart. This book (this series) is so creative and original, there’s honestly nothing I’ve ever read that was this beautifully made. The characters are so real, the writing style so original, the story so mind-blowing, this series is just a whole new experience. There’s nothing like it.

This is the second book in the duology about Finn and Willa. It was an adorable f/f romance with wonderful characters! The romance was so cute and I loved how it continued on from the former book. I would highly recommend this book if you like diverse romance with a focus on family! But definitely read Future Leaders of Nowhere first! (review)

This book is so amazing and important! The Nowhere Girls tackles rape and feminism in so many ways, I loved it so much! The characters were amazing and the story was great and I think everyone needs to read this book. (review)

Oh boy, I’m going to disappoint people now. Sorry if I’m going to ruin your favourite book for you, but THIS ROMANCE PLOT-LINE WAS SO PROBLEMATIC. I loved the writing style, the way different timelines were interwoven, the magical and mysterious vibe to the story, and most of the story itself… but I hated the romance. And that ended up having such a big role in both the story and the ending that it ruined the book for me.

What I added to my TBR



Girlhood by Cat Clarke seems like a dark contemporary/mystery and I’m going to buddy-read it! I received an eARC of By A Charm and A Curse by Jaime Questell (February 2018), which is a circus romance story? I think? I’m really not in the mood for that after reading The Night Circus haha. I bought a few ebooks, Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Bernard, Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley (which seems like an impactful story about racism) and Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid. Lastly, I got an eARC of Furyborn by Claire Legrand (May 2018)!


How was your reading month? Got any exciting plans for December? Any of these books you’ve read? What did you think? Any recommendations on what to read next?

Buy any of these books (or other books) with my bookdepository affiliate link and I’ll get a 5% commission!

24 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up: The Month of Writing

  1. I managed 5 physical books and 2 audiobooks in November, which is a lot for me, but I did a readathon, which helped. I just picked up a copy of The Night Circus, but I probably won’t start that for another month or so. I also hope to read Illuminae soon! It seems like people love Gemina even more.

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    1. That’s great! I hope you’ll love The Night Circus more than I did! I love Illuminae just a little bit more than I love Gemina, but that’s because of the characters. I just loved Ezra and Kady a bit more than Hanna and Nico!

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  2. Well, I totally failed at NaNo; but I did read like twelve books which is like a record for me! Happy that you hit your writing goal! That is so amazing!

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  3. I only read 2 books (and half way through a beta read) but I did manage to write 53k words 🙂
    I definitely agree that you shouldn’t be pushing yourself to read. You might start enjoying it less ❤

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  4. I completely understand what you mean about wanting to read less. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing because when I am not feeling slumpy, I read a lot of books back to back. From December on into 2018, I want to read but then have a short break in between books, maybe use that time to write a review and mull over what I’ve read. I think by reading a lot of books straight after each other, you don’t take in everything from the book and you’re more inclined to forget everything. I’m pretty certain that’s the case with me.

    I only managed three audiobooks in November and I ended up loving them a lot. That’s not many for me but it’s certainly a case of quality over quantity.

    And I’m glad you managed to hit your NaNo target! Congratulations!



    lol jk. i haven’t read it since 2015 so i don’t even know if i’d love it that much now myself haha!

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  6. 😀 Now I’m relieved. I’ve read The Night Circus a few years ago and it was only an ok book for me. Thought I’m weird (ok, I am) because everyone loved it so much.
    I finished Illuminae yesterday and it blew my mind. I did not see the plottwist coming and I was so deeply emotional involved. Just wow!

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    1. Haha that’s okay. Never think you are weird for not loving a book that’s hyped. I have disliked many hyped books haha but not every book is for everyone!
      I’m so glad you liked Illuminae! It’s soo good and a roller coaster that blew me away!

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  7. I didn’t know All The Ways To Here was out already! I really loved the first book so I’ll definitely check this new one out—I’m all about some cute f/f romances! And I’m so glad to hear you liked Gemina! I honestly can’t wait for Obsidio and I’m excited/nervous to see what they’re gonna do with it because I’M SURE they’ll find a way to top both Illuminae and Gemina!!!

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    1. I was lucky enough to receive an ecopy from Emily O’Beirne, but I believe it came out in November! I’m sooo excited for Obsidio it’ll be amazing and it slightly terrifies me, I can’t wait!!

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  8. Ooh, I’m excited to see your full thoughts on The Night Circus! I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on it, so a rating lower than 4 stars is surprising ahaha! And omg I’m so glad you loved Gemina! I can’t wait for Obsidio, March is too far away.

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    1. I’m not sure I’m going to write a full review but I just hated the romance so much! The main character was cheating (which was never called out) and used his girlfriend for his own gain. He was just generally a very morally-skewed person and the fact that everybody seems to love the ship makes me want to throw the book out of my window.
      I need Obsidio!!! Like right now!

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