IndieAthon | Q&A with Zøe Haslie

Throughout the month of March, me and my fellow hosts from IndieAthon will be interviewing some awesome indie authors and self-published authors. The first author I have the pleasure of introducing to you is Zøe! She also has her own blog so I highly encourage you to follow her here! Thank you Zøe for taking part!


Tell us a little about yourself

I am Zøe Haslie, I’m a YA Contemporary author who enjoys the outdoors, travelling, reading, blogging and writing, of course.

I love engaging with readers and find out new blogs, platforms and authors. And I’m a sucker for quotes, so if you follow me online, you are likely find all of my favourite TV and book quotes.

You have a platform to help out indie and self-published authors, how does that work?

I created my blog “Home of Indie Authors” last December and it’s been growing non-stop since then. The objective of the blog is to help spread the word of new books and new voices in literature. Of course, not all the content featured in my blog is indie (I am a bookworm at the end of the day!), but since I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have the exact same content, the exact same books, I try to keep mine fresh and offer visitors different content.

What has been your favourite moment in your writing career?

I’ve been writing for a few years now, so I would have to say that my favourite moment was last January when my book “Just For a While” finally got published. I love getting word from people who enjoyed reading the story, or have questions on certain characters… It’s fulfilling in a way words fail to express!

What is it like to indie/self-publish your book?

It is a lot of work, that’s for sure. But you get to choose your cover, the people you work with (beta-readers, designers, editors, etc) and you have the final word on everything. It also means you do everything by yourself, like marketing, reaching out new readers, spreading the word, but I really enjoy each step of the way. It certainly takes a lot of time and effort, but then you get a nice review or a nice email or PM from a new fan and it’s all worth it.


JFAWCharlotte Harrington is capable of love, but the feelings of love, of letting anyone close to her, scare her.
Seventeen-year-old Charlotte’s life turns brusquely when her mother sends her away to spend the summer before college with her father—a man she knows nothing about and cares even less for. Thus, forced by a promise she made to her mom, and having secretly thrown her future away, Charlie finds herself stuck for an indefinite time in the coastal town of Rosetown. Moving in with Daniel proves to be a challenge for both of them, as she will undo his every attempt  to get to know her.
When Misha Breckenridge literally bumps into her life, along with his mesmerizing black eyes and his challenging ways, Charlotte finds herself stepping in quicksand. Despite her resolution to keep everyone at a safe distance, Misha will soon find his way into her heart, making her lower her guard and open her long-closed heart to love.
As the summer unfolds, Rosetown and its memorable inhabitants inevitably start to grow on Charlotte. But, will she ever manage to forgive Daniel for walking out on her and her mother?
“Just For A While” is Zøe Haslie’s debut novel, a tale of love, friendship, struggling family relationships and, above all, forgiveness.


6 thoughts on “IndieAthon | Q&A with Zøe Haslie

  1. Lovely interview! Thanks for bringing some love and attention to an indie author 🙂 I’ll go check out her work now!

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