Review | Survivors’ Dawn : a hard-hitting feminist story about rape

I received Survivors’ Dawn by Ashley Warren in exchange for a honest review, and I really enjoyed it!


36180036A heroic story about three college women’s fight for justice

At first glance, Brooke Flanagan, Lauren Le, and Nikki Towers have little in common: a white virgin, an Asian party girl, and a black resident advisor. But they all have their own dreams, dreams that can be shattered in a single night.

When freshman Brooke Flanagan first arrives at the university, she’s excited to escape her sheltered life in a Southern town. Lauren Le, a scholarship student, likes to have a good time, but she never disappoints her hardworking, single mom. Nikki Towers always goes her own way; confident, poised, and wealthy, Nikki’s biggest problem is what to do with her future.

Into these girls’ lives walks Colin Jordan. Colin is the son of a private equity titan, captain of his club basketball team, and a brilliant pre-law student. He is also a sexual predator.

Survivors’ Dawn relates a journey of heroes: the strength, courage, and determination of the victims as they fight to survive; the obstacles they face in their pursuit of justice; and finally, with its conclusion, hope for a future where students can pursue their dreams without fear of being attacked.

A contemporary novel, Survivor’s Dawn wrestles with issues of privilege, sexual assault, and the responsibility of academic institutions to protect their students.


Survivors’ Dawn by Ashley Warren is a book that is about a heavy topic, namely rape. This book is definitely not for everyone because there is on-page sexual harassment. The book reminded me a little of The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed but on a more New Adult level.

The story follows three very different girls with different relationships with the harasser. What I really liked is how all three of hem had opinions that were based on solely their experience with the rapist and it really showed how rape can be perceived by different people involved. All three of them come from different backgrounds and have different skin-colors and yet they come together. The story showed the three of them going through everything and becoming friends in the process. I loved the female friendships and female strength this book showed. One of my favourite things was definitely the mother-daughter relationship of Brooke and her mother.

“A rapist might be popular, cheerful, and extroverted — or withdrawn, sullen, and a loner. They could be anywhere, everywhere.”

This book is really hard-hitting and interesting. It showed me a lot of things I have never thought about before and it gave a really realistic description of rape culture and the consequences of rape. Though the topic is really heavy, the book itself never really felt too dark to me.

“He was beautiful, a beautiful monster, like a massive snake, graceful but venomous, coiled to strike at any moment.

I loved the characters and the story was really interesting and also fun to read about, despite the difficult topic. There were some scenes that really made me angry, some made me sad and it was such an important story because it was so realistic. I am giving this book 4 stars because it was a really good and interesting book to read though I think the pacing could have been a little better. I definitely recommend this book but to keep in mind that it can potentially hit a little too close to home.

2 thoughts on “Review | Survivors’ Dawn : a hard-hitting feminist story about rape

  1. It’s interesting how there were different perspectives from three different people who have had experiences with the rapist – cause they’re known to change their actions due to who they’re around. They can seem like the nicest people in the world but it could all be an act – great review!

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