Art Commissions

If you’d like me to draw you something, I now do commissions. On this page you will find all the information you will need and if there are any other questions you might have, you can always contact me.

Options and prices



Head and shoulders – €15


Waist up – €18



Full body – €25
These are detailed full body drawings with shading and texture added. Small items added are on request, and if you want complex items to be added, an additional fee will be charged.

I will only draw people, existing characters (from e.g. a book or movie) and original characters (from e.g. your own book). The drawing does not include a background, but if you want a background, we can discuss this and see whether this is possible and at what price (this will depend on the complexity of the desired background, simple backgrounds details as the ones pictured will be free).

It is possible to add additional characters to one drawing for which each the price will be the normal price for a character with a €5 discount (so in the case of two full body traditional characters the price will be 2x€25 – €5 = €45).


  • I do reserve the right to decline any and all requests.
  • Payment will be processed through Paypal only. And only after payment has been processed I will start working on your artwork.
  • Commissions are for non-commercial use only. This means, you cannot sell my artwork in any shape, way or form.
  • I reserve the right to post the final artwork on my social media, this page, a portfolio and any sites I might have in the future.
  • Please keep in mind I am a full-time Master student with a part-time job, and therefore have a busy life, so I might not be able to accept your commission or will not be able to deliver quickly. If you make a commission, I will email you back with the expected time it will take me, but I do reserve the right to extend my own deadline if necessary (for example, when I have exams).
  • If you want me to send you a sketch so I can make changes before the final piece, just let me know.

Get in touch

For requests and questions, email me at with as subject header “commission request” or dm me on twitter.

Please add your name, contact information, type of commission and a description of what you are looking for. I suggest giving me a description including the character(s)’s age, gender, body type, skin tone, eye color, hair (color, texture, length, cut), unique features, clothing (style, specific items, accessories, etc), and anything else that you think I should know. Also let me know if you want a specific facial expression or body position. If you have very specific descriptions, I will be able to better bring to life your vision and work more efficiently. If you have additional requests that I have not yet described, let me know and I can see what  I can do.

Published work and former commissions

My work has been featured in:


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, the Collector’s Edition. Published in September 2018 by HarperCollins Publishers.


The Wildest Dreams book box from June 2018 themed “Love, YA”, created by Zoë Collins from No Safer Place. (photo by @foreverxbookish on instagram)

Previous commissions:

commission ex1.png

Black girl reading, drawn for Lara Kareem from Naija Book Bae (flowers and text were added by Lara).

[more to come]