Newbie Blogger: Kelly (@ Aurora’s Child) | What Should I Write?

I’m back with a new blogger, namely Kelly from Aurora’s Child! She’s such a sweet person so you should definitely check out her blog. But first, her post!


Tell us something about yourself: Who are you?

Hello! I’m Kelly Kawaguchi.

I am a very flawed and fairly uninteresting and untalented enigma on the internet. I like talking to myself and pretending I know what I am doing. I take pride in my personality, although, I can be a careless person much of the time. I pity very little and don’t apologize for my strong opinions. I am fickle and confused about just about every aspect of myself and the world.

Fun fact: My keyboard’s letters “g” and “p” don’t work. I add in those letters later after I’m done typing, so I apologize if I missed filling in any.

What is your blog about and what are you planning to do with it?

I write about my opinions and feelings about all sorts of topics, events in my life, etcetera. I will probably hit just about every topic, from recipes to literature to world current events.

I would like for my blog to, potentially, become an outlet for people who would like to express their thoughts, experiences, and such.

Why did you start blogging?

I started off by posting a journal entry. Essentially, it was going to be my online diary. Things were getting rough and I knew I needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Blogging let my mind express what it needed.


What Should I Write?

My mind has been a mess lately. I want direction. But I guess everyone wants direction. Or do we already have a direction, we just do not see it yet?

I love to write but I have little skill in it. I am interested in movies and nature and health and animals and botany and so many other things. I read somewhere that you spend approximately 80,000 hours of your life working. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that is quite a few hours to spend doing something you may not enjoy.

I want so much to enjoy life. But is that just a new way of thinking? A western culture way of thinking?

That doesn’t mean it’s a wrong way of thinking, just maybe a more self-centered way.

Hundreds of years ago, people really had a place in society. Each had a job to do. Sure there were those that were privileged and those who were trampled on by society, but for the most part, people were all part of a big working machine. We all had more purpose in my opinion.

Side note: I’m not saying back then was “better”.

Now it seems to me everyone is looking for a new way to please themselves. Even if people do things for others, many are just seeking for their own fulfillment.

What are we going to waste our lives on next? Is there a right or wrong answer?

This post was very much so a stream of consciousness. I wanted to whip up an interesting post, but whenever I began typing, it felt fake. I want my blog to be real, raw, and beyond all else, I want it to look like me.


What did you think of Kelly’s post? Do you agree with her opinions? Let her know! Follow her on her blog and twitter!

Newbie Bloggers: Fran (@wheelchairvista) | Daniel Blake and the fight afterwards

This is the third installment in a hopefully long series! I have received a lot of submissions lately so it might be a while for everyone to get their turn. You can still submit, but keep that in mind!

Now I give the word to Fran from Wheelchairvista!


Who is Fran?

Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hi, I’m Fran, a Disability Blogger, Activist, Trainer, Advisor, and Information Guru.
My professional background is in nursing and I’m a highly experienced trainer, with over 25 years of experience. I can come into any setting to help educate and inform people about disability issues. I can also work with organizations to help them ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010.
I live in London, England, and love exploring this great city and enjoying the variety of cultural events we are so lucky to have on our doorstep. But, traveling in London is challenging, not so much the getting there, but dealing with the myriad of parking regulations in each London Borough.
I try to be as independent as possible, but life, bureaucracy, and other obstacles often get in the way.
I’m also a cat lover and enjoy travel and photography. I’m an avid reader and love going to galleries and exhibitions.

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Newbie Bloggers: Breeny (@Breenys Books) | Writing Advice

Hello and welcome to this second edition of Newbie Bloggers, a project organized to introduce new bloggers to the community. Today, I’m excited to introduce to you: Breeny from Breeny’s Books!

Who is Breeny?

Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hello, I’m Breeny! I’m a bookworm and a writer. I love reading and writing YA contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy. I’ve been reading and writing for as long as I can remember *breaks out into singing Moana*, and they’re both strong passions of mine. One word that could describe me would be booknerd, and those books are either the ones that I read or the ones that I write.

What’s your blog about and what are you planning to do with it?: My blog is @BreenysBooks and I use it to chronicle my book reviews and writing journey. I upload posts every Monday and Thursday, so be sure to look out for those. I also use my blog to interact with other wonderful bookish and writerly people.

Why did you start blogging?: I started blogging to share my love of words with others, and to join and explore a community that loved words just as much as I do. One of my favorite lines that I’ve come with is: “I write to inspire and I read to be inspired.” And I like taking that inspiration and sharing it with all of you guys. Blogging is also a big stress-reliever for me, and I find it to be so much fun. Everyone in the community is super awesome, and I feel super awesome and lucky to be a part of it.

Breeny’s Post: Some writing advice!

As a newbie book review and writing blogger, I’ve recently been asking the community for tips. It’s my way of first engaging and reaching out to another blog, and I always love reading the responses that I receive. There’s a lot of variation in the responses, and I feel that reflects the variation of everyone’s individual blogging journeys.

That being said, I thought today I’d share with you all my number one piece of writing advice that can also be applied to reading and just life in general. As I’ve progressed through school, at times I’ve had to put writing and reading on hold. That’s one of the main reasons that I enjoy blogging, because I can schedule my posts ahead of time (and interact with you lovely people). Anyways, as a writer, I’ve heard the advice ‘you should write everyday’ given so many times. I used to hold myself to that standard, until I realized that I wasn’t any less of a writer if I wasn’t writing every day. Nor was I any less of a reader if I wasn’t reading every day. Writing every day isn’t the only thing that makes you a writer, and I’ve started to embrace that. I go months without drafting or editing, especially during this time of the year when school is wrapping up, but I’m a writer. Sometimes just thinking about your story is enough. Or creating a playlist, looking at Pinterest, jotting ideas down on napkins. Those are all ways to engage with your creativity and your writing, and engaging in both of those things is what I ultimately believe makes you a writer.

I’m interested in hearing what you all’s number one piece of writing or reading-related advice is, so be sure to comment them down below.

Thanks for reading! Happy reading and happy writing.

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Newbie Bloggers: Julianna (@Blots of Ink) | Things All Bookworms Hate

Hello and welcome to this first edition of Newbie Bloggers, a project organized to introduce new bloggers to the community. Today, I’m excited to introduce to you: Julianna from Blots of Ink!

Who is Julianna?

Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: I am a book blogger. I love to read (obviously, haha), write, procrastinate in general, and Netflix. Honestly, probably 15% of my time is dedicated to reading, 10% is dedicated to imagining writing a story, %2 to actually writing a story, 20% to Netflix, and 53% to procrastinating on all of those things.
Obviously, I’m a super productive person.

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?: My blog is about books! I review YA books, but I try not to post too many reviews on my blog (usually I post reviews of ARCS of my favorites), because… reviewing can get kind of boring. When I do review, though, I try to *spice* it up with GIFs and quotes.
I also sometimes post about my life (when it’s related to books)
But what I MAINLY post is discussion posts. I think discussion posts are so much more fun than reviews, and I get to blog about a larger variety of things.

I plan to keep on blogging and one of my main goals is to make my readers laugh and think about the topic I am discussing. I enjoy writing about relatable (but sometimes silly) topics, so I plan to keep on doing that for a while!

Why did you start blogging?: Well, I really, really enjoy talking to others about books. It’s so fun to communicate your in-depth feelings with others. Many of my friends don’t read as much/the same genres as I do, so I can’t really talk about that.

I recently discovered book blogging was a thing around a year ago, and I thought that this community was SO great. Eventually, I worked up to the courage of actually starting one 🙂

Julianna’s post: Things All Bookworms Hate

Or, more accurately, things I hate. Because I am totally an accurate representation of 96.57% of bookworms. Haha just kidding I made that up Approximate number, by the way.

Also, if you’re my friend, and you do this, chances are: you’re not my friend. Hahahahaha just kidding please stay I have no cats.

So… we bookworms are usually indoorsy (or outdoors! but mostly indoors. #representation of ALL bookworms) types of people, who will claw your eyes out politely ask you to leave because we are nice creatures* if you DISTURB our reading area OR their book OR their book merch. Who said that bookworms were gentle creatures? I did? I beg to differ. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

*Agh, they almost found out that we are secretly dinosaurs in human form. I mean, what?

Bothering Them When They’re Reading

This is basically one of THE worst things you can do to a reader. Like, I’m all busy flipping the pages and all that jazz, and you mess up the system? THE SYSTEM? THE PERFECT SYSTEM THAT I HAVE CREATED IN ORDER TO FLIP THE PAGE AS FAST AS I CAN TO PREVENT BETWEEN-PAGE DELAYS?

And you might be thinking, “But Julianna, it’s just… page flipping! It doesn’t even matter!”

But you’re not. Because if you were, I would probably spontaneously combust. Or maybe implode. I’m fine with either tbh. #diversity

But it’s actually funny. I was talking to my friend a little bit ago and we were talking about flipping pages because I noticed that she flipped pages the same way I did. How do you flip your pages?? (This might be a discussion topic later, who knows?)

Touching Their Books

One of my most dreaded horrors is… the page changing thing*. It’s a thing… where the page is changed… and my PLACE is lost!

Because 1) I’m reading why are you talking and 2) I JUST LOST WHERE I WAS and 3) I AM NOW A PILE OF ASH ON THE FLOOR AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

See, I don’t use bookmarks. I just rely on my super cool intelligence memory thing that exists in my brain to memorize the page number.* Then I usually tell 7 other random strangers (these consist of my sister, my sister, and five blades of grass) so that in case I forget it, I can ask one of them.

But, why don’t I use bookmarks, you ask (because you are oh-so curious about me since I am an interesting potato)? Well… I ALWAYS lose them. It’s almost a given. I wonder if there’s a wormhole in my room that just sends them to another universe where they

But the non-bookworms ask, “But, why can’t you just dog-ear the pages?” And to that, pretty much 88.34% of the bookworm population is gawking at them. Or you. Who knows?

*The Official Scientific Name, in case you were wondering. **

**Because I am totally a professional blogger that finds the official scientific name for everything. Why would you think otherwise?

Being an Anti-Fan

I know, I know, people can have differing opinions. However, one of the things you should NOT do is be rude about it. For example, if your bookish friend is fangirl/boy-ing about a book, DO NOT say “But that book sounds stupid.” Or any variations of that. You CAN say “Oh, I didn’t like [insert reason] about this book.”

You know, the kind, polite, and civilized (something I totally am) way to say this.

This pretty much applies to life, actually. As you can see, I am totally helpful and you should keep on reading my posts. This is a Julianna pro tip and you should just accept it as one of the rules of life.

Saying ANY of These Phrases

Yes, there are memes.

Yes, there are other things out there that describe this. You probably know what it is.

It’s saying any of these.

  • “It’s JUST a BOOK”
  • “Reading is stupid”
  • “Why don’t you pay attention to real life?”

Okay so the last two are more mean than phrases a FRIEND would say, but that’s the gist. DO NOT say any of these to your friends if they’re bookworms. Because then you probably won’t have anymore friends that are bookworms.

And I get it, some people don’t like reading. The rest of us just stare at you confusedly (Is that a word? I hope that’s a word). But don’t say that reading is stupid.

Stopping Them From Reading

When I want to read a book while walking, LET ME. When I want to read a book in the bath, LET ME.

Unless I’m about to die or something horrid like that. Then STOP ME PLEASE.

Is it really weird, though, to bring several books with you to school or other places? I currently have like five books in my locker which I’ve finished reading but I’m too lazy to bring them home.

And a lot of the time I’m reading while walking in the halls and people are like “Stahp reading” but really I’ve mastered~ the art of reading while walking and THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND. I can now sufficiently read for about 5 minutes before I walk into a pole. ##skill #soskillfuliusedtwohashtags

So… how many of these do you relate to? Are there any other things that the bookwormish side of you hates?

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Introducing… Blogger Newbies: a New Project

Even for someone who has been here in the blogger community for less than a year, a lot as changed since I started. Not only in my way of blogging, but above all in my communication with other bloggers. I’ve found a ton of people that I love and there are probably a ton of people out there that I’d love to meet. However, when I just started it was hard to find the people I liked, I knew nobody here and my blog was pretty much off the grid. Over the months I’ve gathered followers and met wonderful people and to give new bloggers that same experience, I am now introducing a new project/feature to introduce newbies to the community.

How does it work?

This will be bi-weekly feature on my blog. In each of the posts, I give the word to a new blogger. The idea is that it will be a short Q&A with a guest post written by the blogger. The Q&A will be three questions:

  • Tell us something about yourself: Who are you?
  • What is your blog about and what are you planning to do with it?
  • Why did you start blogging?

The guest post should be something related to your blog but it should not be a review, a tag/award, or regular feature (such as Top 10 Tuesday). What you could do is write a discussion about something you think is important, write about something in your life (if you have a personal/life style blog), write about something you love, something you hate, whatever you want! Be creative! This can be bookish or non-bookish depending on what your blog is about.

Who can participate?

This project is made for newbies, so for bloggers who have less than 100 followers and/or have been blogging for less than 4 months. I think these are quite okay rules, but they’re not fixed so if you vary slightly from these rules, I’ll consider it as well.

You do not have to be a bookish/writerish blogger, but since I am and I assume most of my followers are as well, I will be able to help you most if you are. If you are a lifestyle/ beauty/idk something blogger, I am not sure to what extent I will be able to help you out, but you can always participate if you want.

How can you participate?

Simple, send me an email at with the answers to the three questions mentioned above and your guest post. If you do not know what you want to write your guest post about, you can also email me with the answers to the questions alone and I might be able to help you out. The guidelines for the guest post are 300-600 words and if I think it is either offensive or simply not okay (rude or otherwise), I will not accept your submission. If you want to participate but don’t have a guest post yet, you can also message me, then I’ll give you a date (on which your post will go up) so you can take your time working on it.

You also need to provide your blog url, and if you want all your social media accounts that are connected to your blog (twitter/facebook/tumblr/etc), because then I will post those as well so people can follow you. Optional is a logo or picture, that I can use in the post.

Important! make “newbie blogger” the subject of your email, that way I can easily make sense of my inbox.

When I’ve received your email I will make a schedule and let you know once your post will be going online.

You can also fill in the form below!

I hope this project will go wonderfully and therefore I do need also need the help of more experienced bloggers, please share on social media or on your blog or simply tell people, so blogger newbies will be able to find this. Thanks in advance!

If there are any questions, feel free to email me or comment below!