Blogger Newbie: Maggie (@ BlissfullyCreating) | Creating Little Bookworms

I would like to start this post by apologizing for being the worst host possible because I had completely forgotten about this. Sorry, Maggie! Anyway, I’ve been hosting a project called Newbie Bloggers and in this post, I’ll introduce you to Maggie from BlissfullyCreating. So I’ll give the word to her!


Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hello! I am a mom of three awesome little bookworms, I love to read, to do projects, to create crazy adventures for my family (and for the neighbor’s kids too), to photograph everything, to be outdoors, and so many more things that I won’t bore you with.

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?: My blog has three main topics: Books, Kith & Kin, and Projects. I am currently working my way through the Rory Gilmore list (avid Gilmore Girls fan here) and I like for other bookworms to tag along. I also enjoy sharing about my friends and family and the crazy traditions and things we do together. And lastly, I enjoy taking my readers along with me down the crafty, project, do it yourself road. As far as the future of BlissfullyCreating, I’d love to continue to grow my followers and to keep writing things that people find useful, or at the very least entertaining.

Why did you start blogging?: I have always really enjoyed writing. And – most of the time – I enjoy sharing what I write with others. I am honest and keep it real when I have crazy times with my kids or when projects go wrong or when I just completely fail at reading for a year (I’m looking at you 2015). I also enjoy meeting new people and finding new blogs and seeing so many other bookworms out there is always amazing!

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