Blogger Newbie: Amy (@GoldenBooksGirl) | The Reasons I Love Reading

Today Amy from Golden Books Girl is doing a guest post on my blog so I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you’re interested in doing a guest post yourself, I am looking for new posters so check out this post.


Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?:

I’m Amy, I’m a teenage book blogger, and my life revolves around books, dogs, TV/film, photography, music and food.

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?:

My plan for my blog is to talk about books that I love as many ways as I can, whether that be reviews, blog tours, guest posts from other bookworms or participating in memes. I’ve also recently started doing interviews with authors, which I really hope to make a regular feature as I love preparing questions and hearing the answers.

Why did you start blogging?:

The short answer is I’m not entirely sure. The long answer is basically that it was a combination of being inspired by all the amazing bloggers I’ve read for years, and just really wanting to give it a go. I’m so proud of how far my blog has gone in the past couple of months, and I’m so excited to see what’s still to come.


The Reasons I Love Reading

It`s an escape

I have some pretty significant health issues and spend a fair portion of time in hospitals so and reading is very simply a way to leave this world for a bit and go somewhere else and be a different person. A book is also a lot more transportable than other methods of storytelling (such as film or TV) as I can and usually do take books everywhere I go, but lugging a TV/DVD player would take a good bit more effort, so it`s also the most practical method of escapism. A good book can make even the worst day a little bit brighter, and this is probably the main reason that I love to read.

The community of book lovers I`ve met

I haven`t been blogging for that long compared to a lot of people, but the online community of book lovers I`ve met is definitely one of my new favourite things about reading. Getting to share my views with like-minded people is a lot of fun, and sometimes inspires me to read books I`d never usually think of reading, or opens my eyes to parts of a book I may not have picked up on. Now I can`t imagine not blogging/interacting with others alongside my reading!

I can learn new things

Most books contain at least one fact or piece of information I didn’t know about in as much detail or hadn`t even heard of, and I love that reading lets me learn while I`m having fun. Often, at school or while watching a quiz show on TV (my favourite is Pointless, in case you`re interested) I`m able to answer a question that no one else knows the answer to. Can you guess what I say when someone asks me how I knew that? I read it in a book.

It helps me understand other people

As I touched on in my first point, reading is special in that for a while, we`re immersed in someone else`s world. Perhaps the most interesting thing about reading is that it allows us to experience things we never will. Taking a recent week as an example, I read and loved stories far from my own existence and empathised with each and every character; I was a gay boy afraid to come out, a person who swapped bodies every day, I was two Indian-American teens falling in love, I was in the nineties and the forties, I was in a mysterious, magical world where a plucky heroine solved the mystery of children disappearing from all over the country and I was at a boarding school. There have been a bunch of studies which suggest readers are more empathetic than people who don`t read, and with very few exceptions I think this is true.

I don`t know who I`d be without it

Since I was three years old, I`ve been able to read. That`s 80% of my whole life where I`ve been a reader. My life is basically defined by the books I`m reading, as they can affect my mood and the choices I make about how I want to spend a day. My brain is linked to the words I`m reading in a way I can`t explain (I`m not being metaphorical here, by the way. I don`t see images in my head, I only ever really think in sentences), and I never want that to change.


Is your life also defined by books (I know mine is)? I loved reading this post and I am really happy to feature Amy’s guest post! Thank you Amy! If you also enjoyed this go follow her on twitter or subscribe to her blog! What are your reasons for loving reading?

Blogger Newbie: Angela (@ Books of A Shy Girl) | Diversity & #Ownvoices

Today, I’m happy to invite Angela from Books of a Shy Girl to talk on my blog! I hope you enjoy her post!


Tell us something about yourself: Who Are You?: Hi, everyone!
I am Angela, a Chinese girl who was born and has always lived in Italy. I’m a high school student who studies languages and I’m a bibliophile.
Since I was small, I liked reading. It is now my main passion and, since I wanted to share my opinion about books I had read, I decided to create a book blog: Books of a Shy Girl.
I know I’m not very good at reviewing since I started my blog a few months ago, but this is really important for me.
In fact, it took me almost a month to just decide the name and I chose it because I’m a very shy person.
My dream is to travel all around the world, learning new languages. visiting places that have a long history behind them and knowing new things about a folk.
I’m curious about everything and will probably annoy you with how many questions I have.
Other things I love are photography. listening to music, Mythology and milkshakes!

What is your blog about and what are your plans with it?: My blog is about books. I focus mainly on Young Adult, but I accept other genres if someone wants a review from me.
I’m trying to be more active on social medias and in the book blogging world, participating in book blitzes and blog tours.

Why did you start blogging?: As I’ve said before, I’ve started book blogging because I wanted to share my opinion about books I had read.
Before creating Books of a Shy Girl, I read other book blogs about whether reading a book or not.
Their amazing posts made me want to say my own thoughts about a book and, after a lot of time, I decided to finally create my blog.


As I’ve already said, I am a Chinese girl in Italy.
I’ve been bullied and I am a victim of racism. I think in all countries there are those people who don’t want foreign people to live in the same land as theirs, or don’t like the difference in body and culture.
I was and always will be hurt by their mean words.
I was probably traumatized when I was a child as I am not anymore that outspoken and extrovert little girl I once was. Now, I’m a really shy high school girl who is too self-conscious of herself. I don’t like crowded places and I prefer staying at home reading a book and watching TV or helping my parents at work, rather than going out on Saturday nights.
This is probably why I don’t have many friends. But better few than many fake friends, right?
However, there’s a good thing that racism has brought with it. My love for foreign countries, my love for learning new things about different cultures, my love for speaking other languages. In fact, I consider myself a Cosmopolitan person, this is, if you search the meaning of the world in the dictionary, you will found the following meanings:
– free from local, provincial, or national ideas, prejudices, or attachments; at home all over the world.
– belonging to all the world; not limited to just one part of the world.
I am a “citizen of the world”, I prefer explaining when someone asks who a Cosmopolitan person is.
I don’t divide the population in Chinese, Italian, Russian, homosexuals, people of color. I see only humans, people who have feelings, who cry, who laugh, who hurt, who smile.
In the last few months, I have been highly active on Twitter and I started following #ownvoices and #DiverseBookBloggers people.
These people are not ashamed of who they are or of their heritage. People such as @theshenners who promote LGBTQ+ and Diverse books.
It’s thanks to her and other people that I decided to read more #ownvoices books, because in the world there are more than 7.5 billion people. That’s a lot!
And every one of us is different than the other.
We need more books that represent us, with our thousands of facets, our own fears, our own diversity.
Read more, be kinder, spotlight diverse books!


I loved reading this post and I am really happy to feature Angela’s guest post! If you also enjoyed this go follow her on twitter, facebook, instagram, goodreads or google+ or contact her via email (!What are your thoughts on this topic?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Sovereign: The Transgender Superhero is Back!

A couple of months ago I reviewed Dreadnought, which is the first installment in the Nemesis series. I don’t know whether this is going to be a trilogy or a full-blown long series, but it doesn’t state it anywhere so we’ll see, I guess. I was lucky enough to get a free copy of Dreadnought back then and I was lucky again to be able to read this one.

Regular rating: 3.5 stars
Diversity rating: 3 stars (LGBT+, POC, disabled)

Warning: this is the second book in the series, and though I will try to avoid major spoilers, it could happen that you get spoiled. I marked one in white, so be aware!

Sovereign (Nemesis #2) – April Daniels32565582

Only nine months after her debut as the fourth superhero to fight under the name Dreadnought, Danny Tozer is already a scarred veteran. Protecting a city the size of New Port is a team-sized job and she’s doing it alone. Between her newfound celebrity and her demanding cape duties, Dreadnought is stretched thin, and it’s only going to get worse.

When she crosses a newly discovered supervillain, Dreadnought comes under attack from all quarters. From her troubled family life to her disintegrating friendship with Calamity, there’s no trick too dirty and no lever too cruel for this villain to use against her.

She might be hard to kill, but there’s more than one way to destroy a hero. Before the war is over, Dreadnought will be forced to confront parts of herself she never wanted to acknowledge.

And behind it all, an old enemy waits in the wings to unleash a plot that will scar the world forever.

Having lived as a girl for months now, Danielle’s struggles as a transgender are not yet over. There are still people (ahem Greywytch) not accepting her as a girl and not only that, the aftermath of her separation from her (abusive) family has left her in tricky situations. In court, she has to fight her father to be able to live with Doc Impossible, while the whole world is watching. The lines between what is right and what is are slowly fading, because through her job of saving people and hunting bad guys, a lot of people get hurt.

“Falling apart can come later, when people aren’t shooting at me.”

In this second book, we meet old and new characters. We meet Calamity (a black morally gray bi superhero with a prosthetic hand), who became Danny’s friend in the first book. Luckily, I didn’t think she was as irresponsible in this book and I liked Calamity a lot more. We meet a few new faces, a genderqueer, Iranian-American superhero called Kinetiq, a magical boy called Charlie and Karen, a half-American, half-Scandinavian death goddess (her own words) who is afflicted by her death mother’s memories (literally). We also meet new enemies (VERY EVIL, WORTH ALL MY HATE), supervillains who want to take over the world, and Dany has to save it.

I loved the added characters a lot, especially Kinetiq, but Doc Impossible and Danielle are still my favourites. Danielle is a strong character, who, even though she always gets in trouble, finds her way out. She makes mistakes, does things she shouldn’t have done, but in the end, you keep rooting for her. Doc Impossible is Danielle’s new mother figure, who also has her troubles laid out for her. *SPOILER FOR BOOK 1 marked white* Now that she involuntarily betrayed her friends, and is no longer perceived as the human she liked to be, she has to figure out how to live as an android. *end of spoiler*

There is also some romance added to the story and I won’t tell you exactly who or what but I did like it a lot. I thought it brought some extra dimension to the story and I loved that.

I also loved how well-researched and developed the story was. From the way Danielle determines the course to fly to get to her destination to how calculated every move is. You can see in everything how much time and devotion April spent on writing this book.

“There are two things I never get tired of looking at. The stars from low orbit and human brains.”

So by now, you might wonder why I am not giving this book a solid 4 stars or even more, and I don’t really know. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped. In my review of Dreadnought, I mentioned that I always get confused while reading fight scenes, and that still happened. I am giving this book 3.5 stars, because again it gives so much insight and diversity. The diversity makes this story so important. Every character has its own background story and each of them is unique in a way. I really enjoyed reading this book so I will definitely recommend it if you like superhero stories with diversity. Also if you want a badass protagonist, you’ve found one.

*** I want to thank the publisher and NetGally for the chance to review this book, which will come out July 25th 2017**